About FreeBSD (98) [Unofficial]

Date: 2000/05/08 (Mon.)

There is no responsibirity of FreeBSD(98) poring team for the result oparating with this document.

1. What is FreeBSD (98)

1-1. FreeBSD (98) What is it?

FreeBSD (98) is ported from FreeBSD for IBM PC/AT clone and is UNIX-like operating system based on the 4.4BSD-Lite. It is available free of charge and working on NEC PC-9801/PC-9821 and their compatible machines. It has

and various functions can use it as standard. It is not necessary to buy another "Server license", things like "multiuser package" or "software development kit".

Moreover, you can use many compiled binaries (Packages). Since all source codes are exhibited, it is also possible to change or add some code by each one.

FreeBSD is made 4.4BSD-Lite to work on PC/AT compatible machines by Computer Systems Research Group (CSRG) in University of California at Berkeley. (UCB) (not a "branch school") and, indirectly based on 386BSD that William Jolitz written from Net/2 of UCB.

1-2. FreeBSD(98) What Machine Can Make It Work?

NEC PC-9801/9821 series and its compatible machine that has Intel i386/i486/Pentium, and its compatible CPU was carried. It is also aimed at EPSON PC-386/486/586 series. NEC H98 series seems to work if they have " Normal Mode " (compatible with PC-9801). Although it does work on not only Desktop but Note(Laptop), some old EPSON PC-x86 Laptop machine does not have compatibility enough to work.

FreeBSD(98) does not work on NEC PC98-NX series. It seems, however, there is some report which operated FreeBSD for i386(PC/AT) on NEC PC98-NX series.

1-3. FreeBSD (98) What is the Concept in Development?

Basic concept of FreeBSD (98) is "made as the same as that of original(i386) as possible ". Therefore, you can refer to original documents and a description sentence to use. Most execution binaries for PC/AT(i386) can also be used. But some binaries strongly depending on hardware or PC-98 architecture cannot be diverted. The following points are mentioned, for example, concrete differences from a version for PC/AT.

Using "fixed disk starting menu " as a boot manager.
At PC/AT, there is an item to select boot manager such as Booteasy, os-bs, etc in FreeBSD installation time. In FreeBSD (98) although we use that of what we install using NEC/EPSON pure "fixed disk starting menu". There is no problem, often reported by PC/AT, of "cannot boot well in IDE+SCSI environment".
A Japanese character display is possible by the console.
Though in order to display a Japanese character, without using X Window System, FreeBSD for PC/AT needs kon or such application, FreeBSD(98) is unnecessary furthermore. Since it corresponds also to the two or more virtual screen, a display of a Japanese character is possible by the standard console.
Server of X Window System is required for PC-98.
Because of hardware difference, the server for PC/AT cannot be used. X98 core team port it to the server for PC-98, that is contained in XFree86.

1-4. What Composition is it in FreeBSD(98)?

FreeBSD (98) is composed by distribution files for PC/AT and additional files for PC-98. Files for PC-98 contain some binaries and source files changed in order to work on PC-98, and the documents.

In the source files of present FreeBSD, especially around kernel, it containes those for PC-98. FreeBSD(98) porting team aims simultaneous release with PC/AT(i386) in a future. However, we do check again and apply some patch of portion peculiarly for PC-98, then build them and separately release after that of i386 since to merge files of PC-98 into i386 is not completely performed in the present condition. So please get files for PC-98.

1-5. FreeBSD (98) How Can I Get?

FreeBSD (98) is in the following sites. You can get by anonymous FTP.

In addition, the distribution files for PC/AT(i386) is needed. Distribution of FreeBSD(i386) is in the following sites in Japan. You can get by anonymous FTP.

The directory exists which indicates a version number under each directory. These are typical sites also having distribution files, and we have another mirror site such as RingServer, so please cooperate with load barancing.

Moreover, it may register with the so-called "library" of BBS service in Japan.

SPUNIX UNIX open space

In addition, These CD-ROM package is put on the market from the following place. You can buy them at a major PC shop or bookstore in Japan. Moreover, some of the book and magazine such as UNIX USER etc., attach distribution files to CD-ROM.

The PC/AT version CD-ROM is also installable combining the files for PC-98 got from the network.

1-6. FreeBSD (98) Is There Mailing List About It?

There is FreeBSD-users-jp ML for FreeBSD users in Japan. Subscription candidate need to send a mail to majordomo@jp.freebsd.org written only below.

subscribe FreeBSD-users-jp

Then a mail will send you back for checking your request, please follow the directions shown in mail.

This mailing list aims at discussing installation of FreeBSD, and problem about the usage with widely. The machine architechture that subject is dealt with is not limited only PC-AT but PC-98. Most of the articles are written in Japanese.

In addition, since mailing list has very much flux of mail, the direction you cannot check the arrival of mail, or the one where restriction of a mail box is severer, We recommend you subscription of a digested version.

subscribe FreeBSD-users-jp-digest

Moreover, FreeBSD98-testers ML for testing FreeBSD (98) is also managed. Subscription candidate need to send a mail to majordomo@jp.freebsd.org

written only below.
subscribe FreeBSD98-testers

In this mailing list, they are talking such as FreeBSD(98) current and the test of a driver/installer. Please be careful that general subjects such as installation, are not suitable for this mailing lists. Most of the articles are written in Japanese.

1-7. FreeBSD (98) Is There News Group that Subject about It was Treated?

There is no News Group limitted in FreeBSD (98) now. We have following some news group treatign together with FreeBSD(i386) in Japan.

Although there is comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc etc. besides this, they are those use English and we think that they do not understand the subject of PC-98.

1-8. FreeBSD (98) Is There a Conference Room on BBS Service in Japan?

In the following places they are discussing about FreeBSD (98). There may be some another place about FreeBSD (98).


As it is said "FUNIX" is not familiar with the subjects peculiar to FreeBSD(98) rather than PC/AT(i386), you had better consult with "FEPSONX".


1-9. Where shall I Send a Question?

We have no representative of a question in porting team. Generally, please post a question to appropriate place with FreeBSD (98) such as Mailing List, News Groups, BBS, etc. as much as possible. There is no guarantee of getting a reply or not if you post some questions to FreeBSD (98) porting team or a person who joins it.

Before asking a question, please read the online manual and attached document first (not only the object for PC-98 but for PC/AT). You can usually solve many quiestions by it.

Moreover, we have "FreeBSD QandA" http://www.jp.freebsd.org/QandA/ (in Japanese) which is colleceted some questions often asked into one volume.

1-10. Where shall I send a report of a bug, a proposal, and fixing a bug?

Reporting a bug, a proposal, and bug fix are welcomed. Please post to FreeBSD (98) Porting team FreeBSD98-hackers@jp.freebsd.org

In order to reply you certainly in that case, please add your own address to Cc: header.

When you want to invite a review and a check of operation widely, you are also able to post to FreeBSD (98) Mailing List. The member of porting team joins FreeBSD (98) testers ML, too. It is not necessary to mail both.

1-11. How Shall I Report of Operation Working?

"Report98 " comes out and service is resumed (having been stopped long) with a new address http://home.jp.freebsd.org/~sakihama/Report98/ Since we use new form for report, it is different from the older report form in the case of the version than 3.2R-Rev01. In that case, please refer to WWW page shown in above, and after new form's coming to hand, finally post it to FreeBSD98-report@jp.freebsd.org

Moreover, we have "FreeBSD POWERED hardwares" http://freebsd.chem.nagoya-u.ac.jp/~ugoita/ WWW page (in Japanese) that report of operation is received not only PC/AT but PC-98.

2. FreeBSD (98) What Can be Done?

2-1. Can X Window System be Used?

In XFree86 distribution, the server for FreeBSD(98) is contained that X98 core team ported. This is another project from FreeBSD (98). Please refer to the document of XFree86 attachment abount information on a correspondence model / video cards.

In addition, business soluting X Server for PC/AT called Metro-X or Accelarated-X cannot be used in FreeBSD(98).

2-2. FreeBSD (98) Is There a Binary Kit?

You can use Packages or Ports same as PC/AT since model dependence is not influenced in princille.

2-3. Can DOS Partition be Written?

You can mount FAT16 (the conventional DOS) partition as msdosfs. It can also be writable. It does not correspond about a compression drive. Long Filename used in Windows 95 etc. and FAT32 can be work since 2.2.7-RELEASE, and reading NTFS corresponds since 3.2-RELEASE although without support of any Japanese file name.

2-4. Is it Connectable with Ethernet?

Yes. You can get connectivity by TCP/IP with a LAN card described by the hardware currently supported. The way of setup LAN card is almost common to PC/AT except I/O port and irq etc.

2-5. Can NFS be Used?

Yes. It corresponds also to NFS V3. To setup is as common as PC/AT.

2-6. Can NIS be Used?

Yes.To setup is as common as PC/AT. Moreover, when NIS is constituted including SunOS, it is as common as PC/AT as it needs the procedure installation of DES.

2-7. Can SLIP be Used?

Yes. To setup is as common as PC/AT.

2-8. Can PLIP be Used?

If you use new PC-9821 series with parallel port adopted IEEE STD 1284, you can use it. It does not correspond with old PC whose parallel ports were not both directional.

2-9. Can PPP be Used?

Yes. It can use also with pppd and IIJ-PPP. To setup is as common as PC/AT.

2-10. Can NAT be used?

Yes with ipfw or IIJ-PPP etc. To setup is as common as PC/AT.

2-11. Does it work as File Server?

Yes. SAMBA can be used for Windows 95/98/NT, moreover NetaTalk or CAP for Maciontosh. To setup is as common as PC/AT.

2-12. Does it work as Print Server?

Yes. lpd is equipped as standard. To setup is as common as PC/AT. In addition,SAMBA for Windows 95/98/NT, NetaTalk for Macintosh it gets used to a print server by them.

2-13. Does it work as WWW Server?

Yes. Apache etc. can be used. To setup is as common as PC/AT.

2-14. Does it work as Mail Server?

Yes. sendmail is equipped as standard. moreover, you can use qmail etc. To setup is as common as PC/AT.

2-15. Does it work as News Server?

Yes. INN etc. can be used. To setup is as common as PC/AT.

2-16. Does it work as Fire Wall?

Yes. IP Filter is realizable by ipfw, IIJ-PPP, etc. Moreover, the application gateway is also supported with DeleGate etc. To setup is as common as PC/AT.

2-17. Does it work as Router?

Yes. Routed is equiped standard that corresponds also to RIPv2. To setup is as common as PC/AT. However, a sort of LAN cards are not able to use with same cards. Moreover, if you setup LAN cards with some utility, you had better do one by one otherwise a physical address may be destroyed.

2-18. Doed it work as DHCP Server?

Yes, wide-dhcp etc. can be used. To setup is as common as PC/AT.

2-19. Doed it work as DNS Server?

Yes, bind is equipped as standard. To setup is as common as PC/AT.

2-20. Can it be Used by "Diskless"?

Although the code of netboot is ported, maintenance is not performed positively but it corresponds. A LAN card is restricted to LGY-98 and EGY-98. Moreover, it cannot read ELF kernel.

2-21. Can it Boot from DOS or Windows?

No, dosboot is not ported. However, booting from DOS is possible with HSB Ver3.7 or later, that is a freesoftware written by Masao. But at PC-9821RvII26, a report tells us it does not work.

2-22. Can Serial Console be Used?

Yes. However corresponding with 3.1-RELEASE or later and require 2nd serial port (COM2).

A serial console is aimed to make the dumb terminal linked to RS-232C port instead of a display or a keyboard. To setup itself is the same as PC-AT; "-h" is only written in /boot.config.

2-23. Can Mirroring of Disk be Performed?

A driver "ccd" (joint disk) can be used. To setup is as common as PC/AT.

Although there is now report of operation of mirroring of PC-98 with ccd. Since there is an example of operation about two or more partitions combination, probably it must be satisfactory. (wanting report of operation) .

2-24. Does Java (JDK) Move?

Yes. To setup is as common as PC/AT.

2-25. FreeBSD (98) Can it Apply by A Floppy Disk ?

The object for PC-98 can be made from changing a part of PicoBSD, that is a reduction version of FreeBSD. For details, please send a mail to FreeBSD98-testers ML.

2-26. Can it Use as a Bridge?

It correspond with FreeBSD (98) 2.2.8 and 3.1 or later. To setup is as common as PC/AT. However, some LAN driver may not work.

FreeBSD (98) Porting team

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